Monday, April 16, 2012

Senior Job Portals: Smarter Way to Job Search for Senior Professionals

       It's time for 'smart' be it smart phones, televisions, home appliances or even job search. For the new generation, job portals are the smarter way to find a dream job, sparing one the pain of looking through the clogged newspaper employment pages or of waiting for a recruiter to give you a call for the right role.

      With job portals, it's easy. Just log in, update your information and upload your resume to enter into a world of informed decision-making.

       As the popularity of the job portals is growing every day, specialization has set-in in this domain too. A job search for senior professionals is now more advanced. Specialized job portals now offer an exclusive focus on mid management and senior professionals, including customized subscription plans for senior professionals that empower them with the ability to make smart career choices.

        Apart from one's profile being available to a large number of employers and recruiters, one can browse through the recent openings in their vertical or functional area. Besides getting information about job openings, one can get a better understanding on the skill sets and professional expertise that employers are looking for.

     Specialised job search portals offer other advantages as well, when it comes to senior careers. Candidates have a strong focus on confidentiality when it comes to personal and classified information. Many such portals offer strong confidentiality features enabling discretion and privacy.

      Another key challenge is to ensure that right candidate for senior jobs get visibility over irrelevant profiles. Some portals focus exclusively on senior candidates and ensure that junior and entry level profiles are filtered out. This problem is also curtailed with the help of subscription based sites because they sift serious candidates from casual ones. In this, one needs to pay a nominal amount and the member's resume is highlighted to the recruiter.

       Though, senior job portals have made the difficult task of a job search easier, we must still remember that it's not a magic solution. Some responsibility lies with the user too. One has to log in, research and keep searching for the right opportunities. It is also important to keep information including contact details updated.

      Technology and the internet have made life easier but the result is always determined by our judgment. Therefore, do use job portals effectively for your senior level job search, but always trust a brand that has a proven track record. Portals that are exclusively focused on senior jobs and cater to mid-management & senior professionals provide for a smarter job search that senior professionals can use to land the right job.