Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why Is Certification Necessary to Be a Successful Salesforce Consultant?

                If you are aspiring to become a successful salesforce consultant then it is recommended that you get yourself certified. Getting a proper certification is useful in several ways. In this article we will discuss why certification is necessary to become an eligible consultant.

                Most of the consulting firms seek to hire candidates that have an administrator certification, along with the service cloud or sales cloud consultant certifications. There are several companies that select consultants based on the number of valid certifications that they possess. There are some firms that will hire candidates and sponsor the training programs, while there are some that select professionals who are already certified.

               No wonder a certified professional is much more qualified and eligible for the job than someone who is uncertified. This is simply because there's much more responsibilities involved in a job than just coding. When you have a proper certification, it provides a baseline of knowledge that the candidate is expected to have, and hence expectations are more from a certified individual. Furthermore, the salesforce certification tests are known to be difficult, hence someone who has passed this difficult examination is sure to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field.

              More than what it actually stands for, the salesforce certification is most priceless as a flag on a curriculum vita. The companies receive a lot of resumes for job postings on a regular basis. As many people are looking for jobs in the current economy, you are sure to find a plethora of candidates for a vacant post. The job sites are flooded with resumes of all types, and they have made it possible to find suitable jobs with just a few clicks.

                The companies however need to filter those resumes and find the suitable candidate for a job. The HR department is the main unit responsible with filtering the candidates and finding the right individual for a post. With the advancement of the computer programs and systems, the job of an HR analyst is carried out by a computer program. The screening process is usually based on several criteria and certification is one of the most important criteria when looking for professional salesforce consultants.

               Besides helping in the screening process, the certification also helps in improving your current job outlook. As a salesforce consultant, your promotion, pay hikes, responsibility and goals are usually based on various factors including your certification. However, before you commit to getting a certification, you should make sure that the certification will help you achieve your coveted goal.

                As already mentioned, having a certification will not necessarily make you qualified for a particular job. Getting a certification actually helps you go that extra mile and indicate that you are actually serious about your career. The supervisors will also be willing to give more responsibilities to an individual with certification.

               Although there are many companies that pay for training and certification, they will not give you the extra time required to prepare for the exams. Hence, it makes sense to get salesforce consultant certification if you are really serious about the career.

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