Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where Are Apartment Industry Jobs Posted?

                      No matter what kind of position you are seeking
within the apartment industry-whether you are just breaking in with scarce experience, or are a seasoned industry professional-the task of finding a job is daunting. Perhaps the most important part of your search will be applying to the right openings, and in order to do this you need to know where to look.

                 When faced with finding an apartment job there are several options for what type of search engine you can use. Here's the breakdown for each:

1. General

                   General search engines are perhaps the first category that comes to mind when thinking of online job searches. These sites allow employers to post openings, potential employees to apply, and include helpful resources. These sites return copious results, and often require some time spent sorting through all the listings.

                General sites include Career Builder as well as Monster. A search on these sites for apartment jobs should be as specific as possible because the high volume of postings will return pages to comb through.

2. Aggregate

              Another type of website is the aggregate search engine. This means that the jobs displayed are pulled from job boards, companies' career pages, recruiter sites, and other postings already on the Internet. One thing to look out for when scanning an aggregate engine is multiple postings of the same job. Because it will pull from various sources, the same position could be listed multiple times-but no need to apply more than once.

                 Examples of aggregate search engines include Indeed and Simply Hired. These sites offer plentiful results for each item typed in the search box. The only downside can be filtering through the copious results; however, this can be helped by performing more specific or advanced searches.

3. Industry Specific Job Boards

                Industry Specific Job Boards are a highly effective way to find apartment jobs that fit your criteria. Because they are limited to apartment industry jobs there will be far fewer irrelevant postings to sift through. These sites are particularly productive if you already have a position in mind that you want to apply for, or a desired location. You can find industry specific job boards by searching for a local apartment association website and checking out their career pages.

4. Industry Specific Staffing Company Job Boards

                Opposite from general search engines are industry specific staffing company job boards. Whereas general and aggregate engines return broad and numerous results, these boards offer narrow results. Submitting your information to a staffing company means that they will pair you up with a position to fit your experience and expectations. Because the staffing company does the 'searching' part of a job search they take most of the work out of the search. Again, this is a valuable tool especially if you know what type of position within the apartment industry you would like, or what location. There may not be an endless supply of jobs returned for a search; however, each result will be a viable option.

                 Each of these engines can serve a purpose in your search for the right apartment job, depending on what you are looking for and how specific you are. With so many job search engines on the Internet, knowing how to hone in on the correct apartment industry position can save you valuable time and lead to your ideal job.

Friday, May 25, 2012

3 Reasons Why a Part Time Job Can Be Better Than a Full Time Job

              If we were to compare part time jobs and opportunities a few years ago compared to today, we will realize that part time has evolved so much more than full time jobs because of the rapid advancement in technology. Just 20 years ago, earning money just by typing on your keyboard something that cannot be imagined. Today, we even know of people who buy virtual items online in games. And that my friends, is how many new kinds of money making opportunity that is available from new technologies around us.

So why is part time a better deal? Here's a few reason to convince you of the true value of flexibility.

1. Save countless time on the road, even hours to do something productive

                Recall just when you had to get to the road and get stuck in a jam, perhaps it was just yesterday or even just this morning. What if you are able to go to work at an hour that is not congested, can you imagine how many hours more you can work? Working at an odd hour (ie. Not the typical office hour) opens up so much more time for you to earn money rather than wasting it on jams.

2. No more alarm clocks! Ring Ring!

                God certainly didn't invent alarm clocks. But our society's routine did. I don't know about you but I certainly don't want my life to be controlled by it, what more every single day. With a part time opportunity, you can take control of this part of your life, the hour you wake up every morning.

3. Get paid by the hour

              Most professional full time jobs don't pay you by the hour. In fact, they pay you a fixed sum of salary every month and they squeeze everything out of you. Sounds familiar? I thought it was a brilliant strategy, using fixed cost to increase profits which has potential to grow. And did I mention? Brilliant for the company but definitely not a fair one for you. Just think of the last time you ask for an overtime allowance from your boss and you'll understand what I mean. Perhaps it's time you rethink of jobs that pay you by the hour, where you can choose to increase your working hours and get paid more as you work longer.

                 I hope that makes some sense to you. So, the next time you start looking for better opportunities, rethink your strategy. Sometimes a job with lesser working hours might be a good thing even if it pays lesser because it opens up opportunities for part time income which could eventually overtake your full time salary.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why Is Certification Necessary to Be a Successful Salesforce Consultant?

                If you are aspiring to become a successful salesforce consultant then it is recommended that you get yourself certified. Getting a proper certification is useful in several ways. In this article we will discuss why certification is necessary to become an eligible consultant.

                Most of the consulting firms seek to hire candidates that have an administrator certification, along with the service cloud or sales cloud consultant certifications. There are several companies that select consultants based on the number of valid certifications that they possess. There are some firms that will hire candidates and sponsor the training programs, while there are some that select professionals who are already certified.

               No wonder a certified professional is much more qualified and eligible for the job than someone who is uncertified. This is simply because there's much more responsibilities involved in a job than just coding. When you have a proper certification, it provides a baseline of knowledge that the candidate is expected to have, and hence expectations are more from a certified individual. Furthermore, the salesforce certification tests are known to be difficult, hence someone who has passed this difficult examination is sure to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field.

              More than what it actually stands for, the salesforce certification is most priceless as a flag on a curriculum vita. The companies receive a lot of resumes for job postings on a regular basis. As many people are looking for jobs in the current economy, you are sure to find a plethora of candidates for a vacant post. The job sites are flooded with resumes of all types, and they have made it possible to find suitable jobs with just a few clicks.

                The companies however need to filter those resumes and find the suitable candidate for a job. The HR department is the main unit responsible with filtering the candidates and finding the right individual for a post. With the advancement of the computer programs and systems, the job of an HR analyst is carried out by a computer program. The screening process is usually based on several criteria and certification is one of the most important criteria when looking for professional salesforce consultants.

               Besides helping in the screening process, the certification also helps in improving your current job outlook. As a salesforce consultant, your promotion, pay hikes, responsibility and goals are usually based on various factors including your certification. However, before you commit to getting a certification, you should make sure that the certification will help you achieve your coveted goal.

                As already mentioned, having a certification will not necessarily make you qualified for a particular job. Getting a certification actually helps you go that extra mile and indicate that you are actually serious about your career. The supervisors will also be willing to give more responsibilities to an individual with certification.

               Although there are many companies that pay for training and certification, they will not give you the extra time required to prepare for the exams. Hence, it makes sense to get salesforce consultant certification if you are really serious about the career.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dollar General Job Application for Faster Career Growth

                  Dollar General is variety chain stores, founded by Cal Turner in Scottsville, Kentucky in 1939. Initially, the store was famous as J.L. Turner & Son, Inc., but the name was changed to Dollar General Corporation (DG) in 1968. The letters "DG" was introduced as acronym for Dollar General, a brand for the "inexpensive" household items sold in the stores chain.

                DG Corporation is headquartered in Tennessee and spread in 40 locations across the United states and operates 10,000 stores employing over 80,000 employees. The company is planning to open up 635 additional stores, new stores in Nevada, New Hampshire and Connecticut, and revamp or move 550 existing stores, where further 6,000 employees will be hired by the company.

                Today, DG is largest small-box discount retailer in the country. The phenomenal growth of the company has thrown up tremendous career opportunities in entry-level and professional-level positions. The applicants can apply to any of the stores located in neighborhoods, small shopping malls and cities across the nation.

                There are hundreds of hourly and salaried job openings for different positions and departments throughout the company. An applicant can apply online to Dollar General for employments in the field of Finance & Accounting, Legal, Human Resources, Merchandising Store, Marketing, Material Handling, Information Technology, Clerical, Risk Management and others. There are also numerous openings for Stores careers, Distribution Center Careers, Corporate Careers, Sales Associate and Operations Careers, Region Directors and District managers. Even, innumerable numbers of jobs for different positions are also available in the company's headquarter. You can apply for part time, full time or hourly positions as per your convenience.

                   The first step in the Dollar General Stores job search requires visiting Company's Career Center to find out the jobs posted by the company. If you want to build your career nearer to home, you can use DG store locator to find out which store is located locally and offering employments.

               The next step requires, hand delivery or online submitting your resume/curricula vitae for the posted job. You must be at least 18 years or above at the time of job application.

               Once, you complete Dollar General job application process, the company will respond by emailing their confirmation only if your Application matches their requirements, because DG receives a number of Applications and it becomes difficult to confirm each application individually. You can even update your resume/curriculum vitae by simply logging with your User ID and Password available with the company.

                In addition to salary, the company also offers different types of benefits, such as Disability and Life Insurance Benefits, Retirement and Financial Security Benefits, Wellness Programs, Health Benefits, Flexible Spending Accounts and Compensation/Rewards/Work Benefits to employees.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pre-Employment Assessment And Testing

                Many people wonder whether the pre-employment tests are necessary and legal, and the answer is yes. Companies may opt to test candidates before hiring them. This saves companies from unwanted trouble as well as from hiring the wrong person for the wrong job. However, the pre employment assessment tests should be non-discriminatory and properly administered.

               The employers use the pre-employment assessment tests and other types of selection procedures to screen the candidates for the jobs. The selection procedures and the type of tests include personality tests, cognitive tests, credit checks, medical examinations, and background checks. Companies may use these tests legally as long as they do not discriminate candidates on the basis of national, origin, disability, sex, race, or color.

                Based on your type and nature of employment, the test may either be conducted online or offline in the employer's office. The online employment tests are mostly used for the pre-employment assessment and testing. The biggest advantage of utilizing online testing is that it eliminates the need for the aspiring applicants to visit the employer's office. It also reduces the hassle of having someone to administer the tests.

If you are worried about taking a pre-employment test, here are a few important tips that can help you:

Follow The Instructions Properly:

                 There are no pre-defined right or wrong answers. You should be honest to yourself and go with your gut feeling. Make sure to not over think on the questions and answers. You definitely cannot outwit the test, so why bother about it. There is no need of reviewing the questions again and again. Just follow the instructions well and have faith in yourself.

Be Honest To Yourself:

               You should remember that the organization has the ability to figure out whether or not you are being honest while answering the questions. If you score low in the honesty section of the test then this gives you a red flag for honesty, which is an important trait for the job. The questions usually repeat themselves in slightly different combination and different way; hence it is tough to manipulate the results.

Make Sure You Read The Directions:

                  Unless you read the directions carefully, you will not be able to divide your time efficiently. Many times, answering the questions is not so difficult. The questions are usually divided into various sections with separate instructions and scoring methods. Some of these sections have a time period within which you need to complete the answers. Many times the organizations also score you on your ability to follow the directions.

Don't Let Anything Distract You:

            Make sure you remove all distractions that may otherwise divert you from taking the pre-employment test cautiously. Remember to turn off your cell phone and find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by your kids, dog, television etc. You will find an attentive mind to be able to choose the best answer for each question. There are some types of assessments that don't allow you to pause and come back later.

                  Finally, remember that it's just a test and you are the main subject matter for these assessments, so relax and make your best choices with a cool and happy mind.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Property Management Jobs: What Does a Property Manager Actually Do?

         One thing that you will need to get used to if you are considering becoming a property manager is multitasking. As a property manager you will be responsible for the many tasks involved in letting out a property to multiple tenants. Not only will you be the first person that is contacted whenever a tenant has a problem, you will also be the first person that is contacted whenever the property owner has a problem with a tenant. Although, many unexpected tasks tend to creep into the day to day running of a large rental property, here are a few tasks that are pretty much standard.

Finding Suitable Tenants

          You will be responsible for deciding who does and who does not rent an apartment in the building. This responsibility includes handling all applications received and performing all necessary background and credit checks to make sure that only suitable tenants are chosen.

            It is also worth mentioning that tenants don't hand in applications for apartments that they don't know about so you will also be responsible for advertising vacancies. It is your responsibility to make sure that empty apartments and rooms don't stay that way for long.

Another important aspect of finding tenants involves arranging appointments for viewings.

         This not only requires that you liaise with potential tenants but you will also need to make sure that each apartment involved is clean and ready to be viewed.

Collecting the Rent

          Among many other financial matters, you will be responsible for collecting the rent each month. You will also have to deal with any tenants that are late with the rent including carrying out evictions wherever necessary.

Handling Complaints

           The receipt and subsequent handling of complaints is another important aspect of the daily routine of a property manager. Depending upon the size of the property that you will be managing, you may receive complaints pretty regularly and they will have to be handled both fairly and in accordance with the terms and conditions of each tenants rental agreement.


           Although most property managers do not perform maintenance themselves, all property managers are responsible for making sure that it does get done. When something malfunctions in the property, you are likely to be the first person that is called. You will also be responsible for making sure that the property is generally well kept.

Documentation and Accounting

         If you are not a fan of paper work, the role of property manager is probably not one that you will enjoy. Not only will you be in charge of making sure that all tenants sign a rental agreement but many property owners also require the property manager working for them to do large amounts of accounting pertaining to the incoming rent and outgoing expenses of their property.

         In conclusion, working as a property manager is great for those that are looking for a diverse and challenging position, in which they will be kept constantly busy. It is probably not however the best position for somebody that is easily frazzled when expected to do more than one thing at a time.