Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Job Recruitment Online: A More Convenient Way of Employment

                   Online job recruitment is not something new. Many companies are currently conducting job hiring and interviews online to save time and money. For job seekers, it is also a convenient method; candidates would not have to visit the office of the future employer in order to apply for certain positions. Through just a few clicks, the chance to obtain the offered job is yours to take. Companies would usually use at least two methods of online recruitment: online hiring and online interviews. Both use the Internet as their means, but have subtle differences of their own. To become more familiar with both methods, below is a short introduction to each method.

Online Hiring

                      Besides putting up advertisements in newspapers or magazines, companies would often put job vacancies on the Internet. Open positions are commonly available on the company's website or job vacancy database. Placing job opportunities online is less expensive and more effective than doing so in paper. When advertising in newspapers, the chances of finding suitable candidates are very limited; the chance is even smaller when you only advertise in local newspapers.

                         Announcing job opportunities online has big advantages. Not only does it target local people around your company; people from different countries can also find your open recruitment. This is of course a huge benefit, especially when you are looking for professional candidates regardless of their nationality and background. Local companies can also enjoy the benefit of this method since they can find potential employees from different cities or states.

Online Interview

                    Online job interviews have become a trend recently. It is more convenient to conduct the interview via video chat rather than to invite candidates from many different parts of the country. Not only you, the interviewer; the candidates as the interviewee can also enjoy the benefit of online interviews.They will feel more comfortable receiving interviews at the comfort of their own place instead of at a new environment such as a foreign office building.

                        In making the online job interview a success, both the interviewer and interviewee should take proper preparations.Mastering the features and setting of the software and making sure that it is correctly installed are essential for the smoothness of the interview. Good connectivity is also very important in an online job interview. An unstable connection may end up distracting your concentration as it will create video and audio disturbances. Other details should also be considered when taking online interviews. Both parties should maintain direct eye contact by looking into the webcam, dress and groom professionally, prepare interview materials, prepare pen and paper for taking notes, provide proper lighting, avoid noises and other distractions, maintain proper gestures, and maintain their manner on a professional level.

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