Friday, May 25, 2012

3 Reasons Why a Part Time Job Can Be Better Than a Full Time Job

              If we were to compare part time jobs and opportunities a few years ago compared to today, we will realize that part time has evolved so much more than full time jobs because of the rapid advancement in technology. Just 20 years ago, earning money just by typing on your keyboard something that cannot be imagined. Today, we even know of people who buy virtual items online in games. And that my friends, is how many new kinds of money making opportunity that is available from new technologies around us.

So why is part time a better deal? Here's a few reason to convince you of the true value of flexibility.

1. Save countless time on the road, even hours to do something productive

                Recall just when you had to get to the road and get stuck in a jam, perhaps it was just yesterday or even just this morning. What if you are able to go to work at an hour that is not congested, can you imagine how many hours more you can work? Working at an odd hour (ie. Not the typical office hour) opens up so much more time for you to earn money rather than wasting it on jams.

2. No more alarm clocks! Ring Ring!

                God certainly didn't invent alarm clocks. But our society's routine did. I don't know about you but I certainly don't want my life to be controlled by it, what more every single day. With a part time opportunity, you can take control of this part of your life, the hour you wake up every morning.

3. Get paid by the hour

              Most professional full time jobs don't pay you by the hour. In fact, they pay you a fixed sum of salary every month and they squeeze everything out of you. Sounds familiar? I thought it was a brilliant strategy, using fixed cost to increase profits which has potential to grow. And did I mention? Brilliant for the company but definitely not a fair one for you. Just think of the last time you ask for an overtime allowance from your boss and you'll understand what I mean. Perhaps it's time you rethink of jobs that pay you by the hour, where you can choose to increase your working hours and get paid more as you work longer.

                 I hope that makes some sense to you. So, the next time you start looking for better opportunities, rethink your strategy. Sometimes a job with lesser working hours might be a good thing even if it pays lesser because it opens up opportunities for part time income which could eventually overtake your full time salary.

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