Monday, May 14, 2012

Pre-Employment Assessment And Testing

                Many people wonder whether the pre-employment tests are necessary and legal, and the answer is yes. Companies may opt to test candidates before hiring them. This saves companies from unwanted trouble as well as from hiring the wrong person for the wrong job. However, the pre employment assessment tests should be non-discriminatory and properly administered.

               The employers use the pre-employment assessment tests and other types of selection procedures to screen the candidates for the jobs. The selection procedures and the type of tests include personality tests, cognitive tests, credit checks, medical examinations, and background checks. Companies may use these tests legally as long as they do not discriminate candidates on the basis of national, origin, disability, sex, race, or color.

                Based on your type and nature of employment, the test may either be conducted online or offline in the employer's office. The online employment tests are mostly used for the pre-employment assessment and testing. The biggest advantage of utilizing online testing is that it eliminates the need for the aspiring applicants to visit the employer's office. It also reduces the hassle of having someone to administer the tests.

If you are worried about taking a pre-employment test, here are a few important tips that can help you:

Follow The Instructions Properly:

                 There are no pre-defined right or wrong answers. You should be honest to yourself and go with your gut feeling. Make sure to not over think on the questions and answers. You definitely cannot outwit the test, so why bother about it. There is no need of reviewing the questions again and again. Just follow the instructions well and have faith in yourself.

Be Honest To Yourself:

               You should remember that the organization has the ability to figure out whether or not you are being honest while answering the questions. If you score low in the honesty section of the test then this gives you a red flag for honesty, which is an important trait for the job. The questions usually repeat themselves in slightly different combination and different way; hence it is tough to manipulate the results.

Make Sure You Read The Directions:

                  Unless you read the directions carefully, you will not be able to divide your time efficiently. Many times, answering the questions is not so difficult. The questions are usually divided into various sections with separate instructions and scoring methods. Some of these sections have a time period within which you need to complete the answers. Many times the organizations also score you on your ability to follow the directions.

Don't Let Anything Distract You:

            Make sure you remove all distractions that may otherwise divert you from taking the pre-employment test cautiously. Remember to turn off your cell phone and find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by your kids, dog, television etc. You will find an attentive mind to be able to choose the best answer for each question. There are some types of assessments that don't allow you to pause and come back later.

                  Finally, remember that it's just a test and you are the main subject matter for these assessments, so relax and make your best choices with a cool and happy mind.

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