Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where Are Apartment Industry Jobs Posted?

                      No matter what kind of position you are seeking
within the apartment industry-whether you are just breaking in with scarce experience, or are a seasoned industry professional-the task of finding a job is daunting. Perhaps the most important part of your search will be applying to the right openings, and in order to do this you need to know where to look.

                 When faced with finding an apartment job there are several options for what type of search engine you can use. Here's the breakdown for each:

1. General

                   General search engines are perhaps the first category that comes to mind when thinking of online job searches. These sites allow employers to post openings, potential employees to apply, and include helpful resources. These sites return copious results, and often require some time spent sorting through all the listings.

                General sites include Career Builder as well as Monster. A search on these sites for apartment jobs should be as specific as possible because the high volume of postings will return pages to comb through.

2. Aggregate

              Another type of website is the aggregate search engine. This means that the jobs displayed are pulled from job boards, companies' career pages, recruiter sites, and other postings already on the Internet. One thing to look out for when scanning an aggregate engine is multiple postings of the same job. Because it will pull from various sources, the same position could be listed multiple times-but no need to apply more than once.

                 Examples of aggregate search engines include Indeed and Simply Hired. These sites offer plentiful results for each item typed in the search box. The only downside can be filtering through the copious results; however, this can be helped by performing more specific or advanced searches.

3. Industry Specific Job Boards

                Industry Specific Job Boards are a highly effective way to find apartment jobs that fit your criteria. Because they are limited to apartment industry jobs there will be far fewer irrelevant postings to sift through. These sites are particularly productive if you already have a position in mind that you want to apply for, or a desired location. You can find industry specific job boards by searching for a local apartment association website and checking out their career pages.

4. Industry Specific Staffing Company Job Boards

                Opposite from general search engines are industry specific staffing company job boards. Whereas general and aggregate engines return broad and numerous results, these boards offer narrow results. Submitting your information to a staffing company means that they will pair you up with a position to fit your experience and expectations. Because the staffing company does the 'searching' part of a job search they take most of the work out of the search. Again, this is a valuable tool especially if you know what type of position within the apartment industry you would like, or what location. There may not be an endless supply of jobs returned for a search; however, each result will be a viable option.

                 Each of these engines can serve a purpose in your search for the right apartment job, depending on what you are looking for and how specific you are. With so many job search engines on the Internet, knowing how to hone in on the correct apartment industry position can save you valuable time and lead to your ideal job.

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