Friday, May 18, 2012

Dollar General Job Application for Faster Career Growth

                  Dollar General is variety chain stores, founded by Cal Turner in Scottsville, Kentucky in 1939. Initially, the store was famous as J.L. Turner & Son, Inc., but the name was changed to Dollar General Corporation (DG) in 1968. The letters "DG" was introduced as acronym for Dollar General, a brand for the "inexpensive" household items sold in the stores chain.

                DG Corporation is headquartered in Tennessee and spread in 40 locations across the United states and operates 10,000 stores employing over 80,000 employees. The company is planning to open up 635 additional stores, new stores in Nevada, New Hampshire and Connecticut, and revamp or move 550 existing stores, where further 6,000 employees will be hired by the company.

                Today, DG is largest small-box discount retailer in the country. The phenomenal growth of the company has thrown up tremendous career opportunities in entry-level and professional-level positions. The applicants can apply to any of the stores located in neighborhoods, small shopping malls and cities across the nation.

                There are hundreds of hourly and salaried job openings for different positions and departments throughout the company. An applicant can apply online to Dollar General for employments in the field of Finance & Accounting, Legal, Human Resources, Merchandising Store, Marketing, Material Handling, Information Technology, Clerical, Risk Management and others. There are also numerous openings for Stores careers, Distribution Center Careers, Corporate Careers, Sales Associate and Operations Careers, Region Directors and District managers. Even, innumerable numbers of jobs for different positions are also available in the company's headquarter. You can apply for part time, full time or hourly positions as per your convenience.

                   The first step in the Dollar General Stores job search requires visiting Company's Career Center to find out the jobs posted by the company. If you want to build your career nearer to home, you can use DG store locator to find out which store is located locally and offering employments.

               The next step requires, hand delivery or online submitting your resume/curricula vitae for the posted job. You must be at least 18 years or above at the time of job application.

               Once, you complete Dollar General job application process, the company will respond by emailing their confirmation only if your Application matches their requirements, because DG receives a number of Applications and it becomes difficult to confirm each application individually. You can even update your resume/curriculum vitae by simply logging with your User ID and Password available with the company.

                In addition to salary, the company also offers different types of benefits, such as Disability and Life Insurance Benefits, Retirement and Financial Security Benefits, Wellness Programs, Health Benefits, Flexible Spending Accounts and Compensation/Rewards/Work Benefits to employees.

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